Position Disclosure

International Monetary, research team, and/or families may at times hold positions in securities mentioned on International Monetary website, blog, newsletter, and on social media sites, and may make purchases or sales in such securities featured on our web site or within our reports.  Any compensation for efforts in research, presentation, and dissemination of information on companies featured on our blog and in our newsletter can be found on the bottom of this page. Investments in small cap and microcap companies are generally deemed to be highly speculative and to involve substantial risk, making it appropriate for readers to consult with professional investment advisors and to make independent investigations before acting on information published by InternationalMonetary.com. International Monetary must inform its subscribers that investment in small cap and microcap companies could prove to be high risk investments with the result of loss of part or total principal investment.

Compensation and Buying/Selling of Shares International Monetary intends to sell shares received as compensation for Investor Relations newsletters, blog posts and other communications carried via Internet and social media, consulting, and interviews, before, during and/or after coverage. We do not give price targets in any of our written or recorded material. International Monetary’s affiliates, officers and directors may have also bought or may buy shares of any stock discussed, profiled, consulted for or interviewed. These individuals and entities may profit in the event those shares rise in value. Again, International Monetary does not give price targets for any securities that we consult for, report on or interview. Therefore, will not advise as to when we decide to sell and will not offer any opinion as to when others should sell; each investor must make that decision based on his or her judgment of the market. Always remember that International Monetary is not an analyst and we do not employ or contract any analysts. Investing in securities such as the ones mentioned on our website, in email, and elsewhere on Internet, consulted for or interviewed are for high risk tolerant individuals only and not the general public. Whether you are an experienced investor or not you should always consult with a broker before purchasing or selling any securities that International Monetary profiles, mentions in email updates etc, consult for or interview. In compliance with the Securities Act of 1933, Section 17(b), any and all compensation received from a company is publicly stated.