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What is VALUE?

An amount expressed monetarily that is a fair exchange for goods or services. VALUE is one of the most important variables in the financial equation between the issuer (private or public company) and the investment banker (strategic advisor). Next, let’s clear up any misconceptions concerning micro-cap companies that are on the OTC Bulletin Board, the American Stock Exchange or the NASDAQ and are trading under $5/sh (penny stocks): Analysts DO NOT always follow them, financial reporters DO NOT always cover them, brokers and fund managers MAY NOT be able to buy the stock, and underwriters/funds DO NOT always finance them. Hiring one or two good IR firms (or many bad ones) just doesn’t work anymore in the 21st century. So, where does that leave you?

IM assists in a wide range of activities that enable your company to reach its goals. While you concentrate on the best possible use of your time – managing and building your company – we work to develop your corporate standing in two key ways:

  • Raising your profile in the investment community through our very powerful, proprietary, multi-tiered IR market support programs, AND
  • Accessing the required capital (debt/equity) for growth and/or acquisitions from our long standing relationships with over 400 funds, underwriters, and institutional investors.

Ultimately, IM can introduce you to several thousand stockbrokers and investment professionals from every size of firm and from virtually every state. After almost two decades, we have meticulously assembled a “best of breeds” team, a National Financial Services Network that is second to none and is all-encompassing in terms of its services, capabilities, connections, and expertise. We secure an audience for you with an extensive range of corporate resources, all of which are existing IM relationships. With this “Network” that truly separates us from the rest of the IR pack, we further augment your company’s exposure by “QUARTERBACKING” your company’s IR program. We have a catalogue of hundreds of IR stock-promotion companies. There are IR websites and financial portals, newsletters, micro cap databases, and other investor relations distributors (it’s a consortium of investor relations consultants and distribution entities, many of whom we have “barter” or “affiliate” partnerships with). AND we monitor the actual market performance of their past IR marketing campaigns. THIS GIVES US A UNIQUE ADVANTAGE OVER OUR COMPETITORS. We know what works better for a particular company with respect to its industry, its share price and valuation because we are better informed to qualify and quantify which programs are actually performing in the marketplace for which kind of companies. This, in turn, delivers MUCH BETTER RESULTS for our clients. Furthermore, the marketing campaigns that we manage for our clients can reach databases from 25,000 to over 18 million targeted investors. We do this in the following ways:

  • Active Broker Network – Whenever there is something new to report, an update of comments, or sales ideas on a particular stock, they are sent via email and fax. Then they are followed up with phone calls to our core network of stockbrokers and investors. Our active broker network is currently comprised of several thousand members, representing over 20,000 high net worth (accredited) retail and institutional investors across many brokerage firms in the United States and Canada. Over the years, we have established strong relationships with these brokers.
  • Conference Calls and Webcasts – Regular quarterly webcasts providing a dialogue with brokers and investment professionals who may need additional info on the “fine details” of a company’s 8-K, 10-Q, or 10-K.
  • Road Shows and Meetings – Individual lunch or evening meetings with broker /dealers who are able to participate in penny stocks (non-listed or listed securities trading under $5/sh). Road shows typically last from a couple of days to a week depending on how many meetings there are per day and how much travel is involved.
  • Investment Conferences – There are literally hundreds of investment conferences every year, but picking the ones that are the most advantageous for your company to participate in is what separates us from the rest. Our associates and affiliates will participate with you in several of these every month, subject to your availability. This gives your company the opportunity to participate in due diligence conferences in major U.S. financial centers in order to stimulate the interest of the analyst, investment banker, broker, and investor communities.
  • Analyst Research Reports by CFA’s – A six-page full-color research report/corporate profile is very helpful in attracting high net worth retail and institutional investor audiences to your corporate message. But, research is worthless unless you have the ability to place your report into the hands of capable investors who will ACT on it – which WE do. We have many Analysts who write subscription-based Research Reports/Newsletters that have large investor-followings who pay for their proprietary research opinion and ACT on it.
  • Financial Media – Visibility in the leading financial media where investors go to when making investment decisions – including The Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, Barron’s, Investors’ Business Daily, Yahoo! Finance, and S&P Marketplace (automatically blue skies your security in approx 35 states).
  • Public Relations – We can serve either as your primary media consultant or work in concert with your public relations staff. Our public relations services include identifying key media contacts who will best convey your company’s messages, having news articles and feature materials placed in industry-related publications and periodicals, and negotiating news and editorial/advertisements placements with print and electronic media.
  • Direct Mail – Direct mail marketing (postcard or letter) is generally more expensive, especially with the postal costs of today, but the effectiveness of direct mailings, especially to current shareholders, is unsurpassed by any other marketing effort yet employed.
  • Email Campaigns – We have several influential large financial portals with collective opt-in databases that exceed 18,000,000 qualified investors. These are active participants in the US micro cap market who elect to receive newsletters and company updates through our alliances.
  • Message Boards & Chat Rooms – We can utilize our group of highly respected message boards, chat room members and investors at strategically beneficial points in time to help increase liquidity and price performance. Our groups observe the major message boards and chat rooms to determine current online company sentiment, posting when appropriate, company information, research, technical analysis of stock charts, and generally facilitating discussions of interest.
  • Advanced Telemarketing – We have 3 telemarketing call centers staffed with knowledgeable representatives (many are former brokers) making thousands of outbound phone calls per month to stockbrokers and investors. In addition, we have a specialist with over 30 years experience as an IR spokesperson who can answer incoming calls for questions concerning your company.
  • Radio & Television Editorials/Advertisements – This form of advertising is actually more inexpensive than you think because of the key media contacts we have and the bulk form in which we’re able to deliver your message. These are massive media placements on: i) national and local TV (CNN, Fox News Channel, CNBC, Bloomberg and MSNBC), ii) radio stations (nationally syndicated major satellite networks), iii) airlines’ on-board TV programming for an entire month (daily airings of your company’s “Spotlight” on board) and a 2 page editorial/advertisement in the center of major airlines’ in-flight magazines (United, Delta, American, etc…), and iv) the internet (opt-in email broadcasts and “Top Story” placements on the homepage of heavily-trafficked online news portals).

Concerning capital financing, our associates at IM have advised and completed over one hundred IPO’s, secondaries, and private placements raising close to one billion dollars. We are associated with over 400 private equity funds, underwriters (regional and national – the top micro-cap equity placement firms in the US), and accredited investors (retail & institutional). IM has advised and completed several capital financings over the past year and could be of great benefit to you going forward if you will be seeking outside funding, especially for micro-cap companies that are under Wall Street’s radar. A list of completed previous financings is available.

In the end, by working with our network of analysts, stockbrokers, investors, market makers, and IR consultants & distributors, IM is better able to position your company in receiving the best possible financing terms or M&A valuation anywhere. IM’s “parallel services” – IR programs & capital financings can be the difference in securing your company’s future by giving your management team the sponsorship it needs. TRUE VALUE is created by expanding your company’s exposure and capital resources while minimizing your costs – you no longer need to be spending your valuable cash and/or equity on low-quality consultants (and yes, there are plenty of those out there). Ultimately, in “partnering” with IM, you’ll be receiving the best strategic advisory services available today that are normally reserved for Fortune 1000 companies.