International Monetary provides quantifiable value for all companies that are faced with many common problems associated with not having positive cash flow or the lack of solid, REAL growth/expansion plans


International Monetary helps companies facing difficulties such as

  • Problems with covering monthly overhead while looking for ways to attract and keep key employees
  • Getting in at the decision-making level (i.e. board of directors) with major international multi-billion dollar corporations for strategic alliances, partnerships, licensing, and attaining distribution for business/consumer products or services;
  • Acquiring top-line revenues and bottom-line earnings;
  • Requiring short or long-term debt or equity financing with the most favorable structure and terms;
  • Sourcing and retaining corporate specialists with the latest financial engineering techniques for developing and executing financial strategies;
  • Problems in maintaining a micro/small cap company’s shareholder value and liquidity while building its shareholder base;
  • Difficulties in attracting micro cap and small cap long-term investors;
  • Attaining access to industry-specific analysts that will provide research, access to institutional investors, and capital financing;
  • Endeavoring to increase company’s shareholder value by spinning off a division or subsidiary that’s worth much more outside the company;
  • Looking for proven trading and restructuring strategies that can eliminate large stock overhangs, thereby allowing a company’s security to break out intensely to the upside and trade at a much higher valuation;
  • Having trouble generating a sufficient return on investment (ROI) from a company’s current advertising and marketing efforts.