This doesn’t sound bad at all, does it? Sure beats the DOW and NASDAQ!

Well, that’s exactly why so many investors turn to microcap stocks that have potential to turn into the next Microsoft or Amedysis. But just like with any other investment, you have to be smart about your stock picks.

Here you must go deeper than simply choosing a niche based on your interests, economic outlook or industry news. And unless you are a day-trader, you need to look past the daily volume. So what is it that you REALLY need to look for if you want big-time returns?

You need to do just one thing – LISTEN…

I’m not talking about listening just to company news and press releases. When you are looking to sell, go ahead and listen to the news. But when you’re looking to buy, listen to the rumors, the online chatter.

And when you do read press releases, think about what the true implications of these news are.

Case in point – Zaldiva, Inc (OTCBB: ZLDV)

In my previous posts I already mentioned all the great things about this up-and-comer (but here’s a recap in case you missed it): Zaldiva, Inc to tap into Social Media

And now they are coming out with an announcement of a joint venture with InvestComics, a major online investment guide for comic books collectors.  Click here  to read PR.

So now here’s a dynamic microcap stock that is set to hit it big. How big? Re-read the title – 764% BIGGER than it is now.  That’s based on February, 2009 report by independent analysts setting Zaldiva’s target price at $0.84.

(Of course, that was before their May, 2009 update setting the target price at $1.02 per share or a whopping 927% increase, but I’m being conservative here).

The bottom line is, you’ve been searching for a ground-floor opportunity and ZALDIVA (OTCBB: ZLDV) is it.

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